11/24 – Lindsey Mercer, Ashley Escudero, and Brian Watkins

LIVE 2-3 PM AM 1700 ESPN Radio11:24 for Real Radio Now – CAN/SHOULD Lyrics to a song land a rapper in jail? Also, we go over Prop 47 which requires misdemeanor sentence instead of felony for certain drug and property offenses- are you for or against this? We want to know and my EXPERT panelists today will guide us through, pleased to welcome back repeat guests and SD criminal defense attorney Lindsey Mercer and Ashley Escudero, senior associate at Morris, Polich & Purdy. Also, attorney Brian Watkins, SD trial attorney specializing in criminal & civil matters joins me LIVE today. We will look at these topics from quite a few angles so join me LIVE today 2-3 PM, your favorite hour on the AM dial on AM 1700 ESPN Radio, Real Radio Now, hosted by Lori Miller, San Diego real estate expert. And remember, it is TIS The SEASON at Real Radio now and we are giving Christmas away every Monday, email me and let me know a family that deserves our gift of a christmas tree & Amazon gift card – we are giving that away EVERY Monday!