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Great show today with Mike Tierney, home inspector at Accurate Home Inspections. He has been performing home inspections throughout San Diego for over 16 years. The basic home inspection covers the main systems/structures of the home and runs anywhere from $200-$600 depending on the size of the home. We also talked about the basics of buying and that many steps involved are FREE!

1. Your realtor as representing you as a buyer is FREE!
2. Making an offer is FREE!
3. Getting pre qualified is FREE!
4. The only out of pocket expenses during your escrow is the home inspection & appraisal
5. For more information on the process, steps, costs of purchasing, contact me, your San Diego real estate expert Lori Miller at


or directly at 619-987-9070

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What a great show! Had a San Diego native turned major league baseball player for the San Francisco Giants On Air today! Nick Noonan, born and raised in San Diego, playing local little leagues and travel ball, found his career in professional baseball after being drafted first round in 2007 by the San Francisco Giants. He climbed up their minor leagues and made their 40 man roster last season!

Nick had a great year, it was fun to watch him play, he made some unbelievable defensive plays, he has a quick glove and can turn a ball around! We look forward to watching him next season!
Follow him on twitter at @noonan_21

You can also contact him through my radio show, just post a question on my contact link at:

We talked about real estate OF COURSE and how the investors have stepped back a little bit easing some of the competition away from the market and allowing the traditional buyer to have a shot at some of this inventory. As inventory has climbed a bit and the market has slowed, its a perfect calamity with the low interest rates for the buyers to get out there before rates hedge up! Make your MOVE TODAY!

We had local SD real estate investor Michael Holter on the show explaining how the auctions have trimmed back so much many investors are not even “playing” in the market and the number of short sales available is so low, that market has really ceased, as well. As the investors find other avenues, the “regular” homebuyer is now in a prime position to jump in the game and have a shot at the house of their dreams!

For any/all of your real estate questions, contact Lori Miller at

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Great show!
It is Fire season in San Diego and we had roofing expert Alex White with West Coast Roofing and Steve Kelchlin with Gerard Manufacturing both explaining the benefit of metal roofing. Steve brought some pretty amazing photos of neighborhoods decimated by the fires with only 2 home standing — both with metal roofs. The product is light, easy on the house structure and resilient to fire, wind, and rain.

Being prepared for our fire season is urgent this year, we have had such a dry few winters it could be another disastrous fire season.

We also discussed diversifying the real estate portfolio as the market changes and rates still maintain historically low levels, adding additional real estate as investments or making the move as a move up buyer, this is an ideal time. The 3% loan is going away in mid-November so first time home buyers wanting to take advantage of that low down need to seize the moment before the opportunity passes them by! Stay ahead of the market and make your BEST real estate decisions today!

We gave away 2 tickets aboard the Premier Sportfishing boat and the charity of the week was Susan G Komen – Race for the cure, Hawaii – supporting breast cancer month

For all of your real estate needs, contact me Lori Miller at or directly to my cell phone at 619-987-9070 or

Steve KelchlinGerard Manufacturing – 1–619-778-5927
Alex WhiteWest Coast Roofing
Lori MillerYOUR host & San Diego Real Estate Expert

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Great Show! The Edible Hour!

San Diego culinary landscape has changed and I shared the air today with 3 local chefs/restaurant owners who shared their stories, their menus, their favorites, and what is up & coming with San Diego’s trendy dining world!

Giuseppe Ciuffa with Giuseppe Restaurants & Fine Catering is opening more restaurants and spreading his food around the county! His culinary excellence is brought to the table at numerous restaurants and catering events throughout San Diego. GIUSEPPE RESTAURANTS & Fine Catering satisfies your everyday cravings with three beautiful cafes surrounded by some of San Diego’s most scenic locations. Or, try Pronto for corporate catering, and Specialty Menu for home entertaining.

Nikki Black & Mary Sarain from PURE Cupcakes brought in some of their favorite cupcakes to the studio including the spicy carrot cake which was the winner of the 2013 Cupcake Wars on Food Network! Such a pleasure to have them on to share how their business has grown organically and their cupcakes are truly a one of a kind experience! Unbelievable menu and they also do all sorts of desserts including cupcakes, custom cakes, tarts, pies, cheesecakes, cake pops & more!

San Diego dining is evolving, these are MUST tries on your list of places to dine & dessert, mention you heard it on Real Radio Now for an exceptional discount!

We are following the real estate market now as we go into fall. Still a great time to sell, keeping in mind inventory is starting to stack a bit and short sales/foreclosures are at an all time low. So price smart, price against what is active in your neighborhood to stay competitive instead of pricing against the solds. A well priced home will still get offers and sell so make sure you fall under the “well priced” category!!

I am always here for ALL of your real estate advice! Lori Miller 619-987-9070

I also give away my weekly charity give away and this week will go to breast cancer walk!

Also, gave away a dozen cupcakes and a gift certificate to Museum Café to 2 lucky listeners!

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GREAT real estate hour represented by your San Diego real estate expert and radio host, Lori Miller! As an owner of a San Diego real estate office, First Choice Properties–I was honored to share this hour with 2 of my top agents, Diana Chapman from “The Chapman Team” who has over 50 years of real estate experience in their 3 person team! They are experts & specialize in Clairemont and University City and explained the history of Clairemont, the development of the neighborhood and how Clairemont is a wonderful, affordable, self sufficient neighborhood with prices ranging from 350K-900K. Averaging prices around 450K. Clairemont is coastal convenient and accessible to all major freeways and has complete shopping availability and public transportation access. A community that has it all! The Chapman Team is offering FREE home warranties when you buy or sell a home with them!
You can contact The Chapman Team and Diana Chapman at 858-344-3358

Also shared the hour with Bay Ho specialist Vicki Dutch-Jones! She is the #1 agent in Bay Ho and north Clairemont and shared her story of why Bay Ho is such a desirable community within San Diego/Clairemont. Vicki is an energetic hard working agent who does not stop working for her clients from Day 1! She is determined, committed, and works 100% for her sellers & buyers. She shared how Bay Ho has some of the more interesting Mid-century modern homes that buyers wait for! She also offers a discount on home staging if you use her real estate services!
Contact Vicki at 619-723-7010 or

I have sold HUNDREDS of homes throughout San Diego and know the communities in depth. I have been a top producing agent for over a decade and currently top the market in sales in University City where you see all of my bus benches! I continue to watch the market and trends as I have done over the last 20 years to help you make the best real estate decisions for YOU. Whether it is selling your family home, your investment property, purchasing your first home or investment property, I can help you make the right decision that fits YOUR needs!
Contact me and lets chat real estate or directly at

One lucky listener won 2 half day passes on the Premier Sportfishing boat, just for being the 8th caller/email contact!

What a show! What a great hour on the AM dial!

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A MOVING Show today thanks to Elyse Lowe with Move San Diego ( We discussed the current transportation and public transit system as well as the future growth of San Diego’s population and housing demand. The goal for urban planning and land use that accentuates a live/work/recreate triangle to make life easier – wouldn’t that be nice! Ideas including:

  • Planning new communities around businesses and transit.
  • Promote use and create a more effective way to use public transportation (bus, trolley, Coaster, carpooling, rideshare, etc)

Our current population in SD County is over 3.1M, it will be apps 4M in 2050, we NEED to keep San Diego MOVING!

We also discussed the rate increase and went through scenarios at different price/purchase price values and estimated payments. Thank you to Felisa Schlosser with Prospect Mortgage for that information. Numbers STILL make sense in relation to payment vs. rent so JUMP IN and ADD real estate to your portfolio! We also discussed how they will be tightening down the loans effective 1/14 so if you have been on the fence of selling or buyer, JUMP OFF NOW and MAKE THE MOVE!


Informative show today.
Discussing the opportunity and ability for everyone to become a investment property owner and the possibility of freeing up some liquidity in your owner occupied residence to facilitate a secondary purchase or diversifying your portfolio from your stock/fund accounts and moving some cash into investment property to strengthen your portfolio. NOW is the time! Rates still make the rental numbers make sense!


GREAT real estate info, I am always here to give you GREAT real estate advice
Direct line to my real estate hotline: 619-987-9070 or
I can make your real estate dreams come true!

Great guests today:
Jenny Hernandez, trust and estate attorney with Oatman & Associates discussed the biggest mistakes people make when transferring or neglecting to transfer their assets into a trust. Trusts are not just for high income, high tax bracket individuals and should be considered by everyone. The benefits far outweigh the risks! Contact Jenny through my site under “Contact Me”. Send me an email and I will connect you with Jenny directly!

Steve Doster, Doster Financial Planning discussed planning for your future, retirement planning, investment strategies and how his business and pay is different and customized for the client. He individually creates portfolio recommendations for YOUR personal situation/income/asset level. He charges PER HOUR, not per product sold or based of percentage of portfolio. Email Steve Today and PLAN FOR YOUR FUTURE!


GREAT show today, we broadcast live on this Labor Day.
Happy Labor day to you all!

We had local inventors with their gadgets and we gave some away!

Gino Gonzalez, creator of “The Spool Tool” shared the many uses of this paracord tool. Photos and link to his site is A handy tool for EVERYONE. Keep one in your garage, trailer, boat, RV, toolbox, car!

Steve Kelchlin, creator of “Bralin Water Alarm“, a small device that alarms when it comes in contact with any water. Perfect for behind your toilets, under sinks, between washer/dryer, by your water heater. Every home needs these!

We also did a real estate wrap up with myself, Lori Miller and Felisa Schlosser from Prospect Mortgage.
It is such a great time with the values accelerated to do a refinance to get rid of your PMI! Log on to, check your value and see if you can refi to eliminate the PMI!
Remember, your home is a great savings tool and this is an opportune time to purchase investment properties for long term holds. Add real estate to your portfolio, proven over time to be a great investment! Commit to the investment and make it happen! Contact me today to find the perfect investment property for your portfolio – Lori Miller 619-987-9070

Remember our SD chargers first regular season game is this Monday September 9th and the Q!

The charity of the week was “Walk4Babies“. Walk4babies supports the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Akron Children’s Hospital. I love the intimate story of Sarah- Her sweet baby Zoey was born at 25 weeks and spent 3 months under the care of this NICU. Now, Zoey is a thriving, happy toddler! We cannot support or thank the medical staff and charities for all they do for these families that endure this journey. I am honored to donate to this charity! If you want to donate to Sarah’s team, please click on the link below:

Donate Here

Remember, every week I work on making YOU a better YOU by increasing your Wealth – Wisdom – Health

Stay Tuned, Stay Informed, Stay Real~!


IN honor of suicide prevention week, we had Stan Collins with CHIP, suicide prevention expert discuss the signs, methods of prevention and process of healing for those left behind. CHIP is a non profit organization in San Diego that benefits the well being of the public health systems.

We also had some intimate accounts from Jenny McCall who lost her boyfriend to suicide and her year long process of healing, recovery, and finding strength to move on.

Bill Hart, retired Navy Seal who spent over 20 years in service, countless deployments, and fought in the wars, had many stories to share about losing comrades as well as his 19 year old son. Bill has had to overcome loss from so many aspects and is now hoping the military provides adequate help to our military men/women who come back to America after being deployed and helping them re-engage into their personal and home lives.

Everyone is affected by suicide and we all must play an active role in prevention, communication, and the process of helping those who have lost loved ones heal and move on in their lives.

Every week we do a Charity donation and CHIP received the $100 donation this week. Honored to help support an organization like CHIP!

We always do real estate wrap up!
Your home is your savings account, start building equity, keep building equity.
Also went over the 8 strategies to get your offer accepted in a competing market~

  1. Keep the offer clean and the fees paid by the seller DOWN
  2. Waive what you are comfortable with (termite, appraisal, inspections)
  3. If you do not want to waive the items in #2, shorten the time frames on all of your contingencies
  4. Offer above list price
  5. Provide SOLID preapproval, copy of proof of funds, and copy of deposit check
  6. Indicate AS IS in your offer (this does not remove your right to perform inspections)
  7. Consider releasing your earnest deposit money after the contingency periods
  8. Write a letter about you and why you want to buy this home and live in it! Tell them YOUR story!

It was an emotional show, but we are here to cover relevant issues that affect us as a whole. We are working always on YOU becoming a better YOU!

Stay tuned every week Mondays 1-2 PM, REAL RADIO NOW!


Great Show today, very informative!

Thank you to my guests Felisa Schlosser with Prospect Mortgage, Anthony Ramirez with Prospect Mortgage, and Glenn Story with Bauhaus Construction.

We covered and resolved the myths of “Renovation Financing”. Felisa and Anthony were explaining the benefits of this mortgage allowing buyers to purchase distressed (mild to severe) homes and build in the remodeling into the financing. Closing these escrows in 45 days or less! A great option for buyers purchasing these types of homes. For more information on this type of loan, please contact me directly.

Rates have hedged up a bit, a tad above the mid-4’s. We noticed a surge of buyer activity over the last week, buyers ceasing this opportunity to purchase before any further increase in rates. Market value properties, short sales, under valued homes still moving with multiple offers and still seeing all cash offers on the tables. Investors are hungry for inventory as the foreclosure market is dwindling and the availability of homes at the courthouse is slim. So buyers are competing with investors on these value-right homes. Contact me today and find out how you can strategize your offer against an investor offer! or 619-709-REAL

Glenn Story explained the cost benefits to varying types of upgrades for sellers to consider before selling their home. Contact me, Lori Miller for an evaluation of your property and I will guide you through the proper decisions/choices to make. Often in a competing market, just selling AS-IS is the best way. Other properties simply need paint, carpet, removal of window coverings & clutter, and a yard clean up! Cheap and beneficial and upgrades curb appeal and first impression both effective in selling for YOUR top dollar! I have been helping sellers for years and my advice is proven successful, contact me today, Lori Miller at or here at

The charity for the week that was selected by me was a non-profit providing assistance to families and babies in the NICU. Baby Savannah’s story who is still being treated in the NICU should be coming home in a few weeks, was very moving and we wish her and her family all the best!

This week Prospect Mortgage offered to match my weekly $100 donation so the next lucky charity will be receiving a $200 donation! Stay tuned for who that lucky charity will be!

We congratulate our local Eastlake Little League team headed to the Little League World Series, go get ‘em boys! San Diego is so PROUD OF YOU!

And let’s cheer on our Chargers! They play the Cardinals this weekend in another preseason game. We are carrying 2 losses, so let’s turn that around!

For photos of today’s show, click on gallery, ENJOY!

I left you with my piece of advice for the week:
“Stay present in each and every moment”
And always, Make YOU a better YOU!

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The main focus of todays show is making YOU a better YOU. The show today covered a lot of information about health, nutrition, goal planning and starting a fitness plan that works for anyone!

Lori Miller, your HOST and San Diego Real Estate Expert – Real Estate Market update, The results of rates hedging up a bit created more inventory throughout San Diego county. Buyers approach, offering, and commitment seems to have become more realistic instead of panicking. The good priced properties, custom properties, or under valued properties including short sales are still moving quickly most with multiple offers.

Listing of the week: 4642 Pauling Avenue – Back on the market, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in meticulously maintained condition. Spacious & open floor plan. Gorgeous rose gardens. Private yard & patio. 2 car garage. Situated in University City in the Curie School District! $619,000 – One of the lowest priced homes in the area and the best value if you ask me!

We covered a large segment on nutrition, health, physical changes to improve the quality of your life and here are 6 steps to get started to change your life! You cannot put a price on health, do not wait for the AHA moment (medical diagnosis, medical emergency, or even worse!) We brought up Bill Clinton’s health scare and heart problems which have now lead him to be a Vegan. If you make quality changes now, you can avoid having to make drastic changes!! Follow these 6 steps and this will get you on your way!

  1. Replace your morning Latte or breakfast burrito or scone with a quality protein shake or a cup of tea
  2. Keep a notebook handy. Every AM before you start the day write down your goals (work, family, food, fitness). Revisit your list at night and hold yourself accountable to it! No Excuses!
  3. Think consciously about everything you eat & drink
  4. Make improving your health 1 of your goals EVERY DAY (whether its going for a walk with a neighbor, the gym, Pilates, yoga, trainer, running, speed walking, playing a sport, practicing breathing exercises)
  5. Find something that motivates you! Take your favorite playlist on your phone and plug in some headphones and get pumped up and go walking/running/bicycling. Watch a movie the night before, something that motivates you — Rocky (one of my all time favorites, Stick to Rocky 1 or 2)
  6. Let EVERYONE know you are working on you becoming a better you. Get crowd support!

We had some great giveaways and offerings from our guests this week!

Jay Hoehn & May Quijano – Giving away 30 minute physical & nutritional assessment, use “Contact Me” form on this site to get his free offering. Jay provided us a lot of helpful and useful information regarding nutrition, food, creating balance through proper diet.

Make sure you try his special blend of herbs and tea while at the gym. Jays Tea is also available for sale at

Armone Sullivan – Giving away 1 free class, use “Contact Me” form on this site. Discussed benefits of exercise, nutrition and myths and facts about Pilates. Pilates IS for EVERYONE, ANY SIZE, ANY GENDER, ANY PHYSICAL ABILITY! Give it a try!

Vicki Dutch-Jones & Alex Jones – Realtors from First Choice Properties. Giving away $ 50.00 gift certificate to a restaurant of your choice for anyone completing a market analysis on their property. Just go to “” , complete the form and submit! Very easy, no obligation to sell, just stay informed! Prices are surprisingly HIGH! We also discussed “Who is a good seller” & “Move up buyer”.

Anthony Ramirez – Prospect Mortgage. Contact through Felisa Schlosser on Links page on this site. Discussed the effects of interest rate changes on Buyers and Sellers. There is still such a strong opportunity to be a purchaser and their are loan options available to buyers of all types of credit/income scenarios. Contact Prospect Mortgage to discuss YOUR specific scenario!